Assessment of Cheetah Pardus Uragano All Terrain Highway Vehicle in Forest

We’ve tested Pardus Swiss Leopard’s Super 5 before. Recently, another Pardus bus came to our riding evaluation center, Gravel Bike Uragano, which is very popular this year. Uragano (Uragano) means hurricane in Italian. Pardus Uragano is a new all-terrain highway vehicle developed by R&D team over a year. It has very good industrial design and product performance. It is multi-purpose. The three models cover most of the use scenarios and can meet the riding needs of most riders.

Uragano may be the first road vehicle with variable wheel diameters in China. Rich wheel diameters and strong tire compatibility provide riders with three different riding modes: gravel mode/backpacker mode/commuting mode, i.e. cross-country, travel and highway mode. The three-purpose vehicle allows you to switch freely between different roles and different riding scenarios.

Because all-terrain highway vehicles do not need to participate in UCI management events, they are not limited by UCI in design and can let designers play freely. Uragano’s lower tube is very exaggerated, using a very wide Kamm-tail tube. Although all-terrain highway vehicles do not pay much attention to aerodynamic performance, such exaggerated tube diameter can provide excellent frame rigidity, very rigid. So many little friends see this car, the first sentence is to ask Ben Xiaobian whether it is E-bike… It is worth mentioning that the function of the frame is very expandable. There is a third kettle stand under the lower pipe, which can also be used to carry tool kettles.

As a serious all-terrain highway vehicle, the front fork is naturally very strong, providing excellent rigidity, but also can provide super tire clearance. In recent years, the pipeline wiring which has become the standard of disc brake highway brake will not be absent naturally, and the front rack installation holes are reserved.

At present, the integrated shoulder is used in the shoulder part, which increases the overall sense of the frame and has a certain aerodynamic effect. While improving the overall sense of the frame, we still haven’t forgotten the expansibility needed by all-terrain highway vehicles. We have hollowed out the rear of the fork shoulder to reserve the mudguard mounting holes, which should be praised in detail.

The Uragano frame is designed with a full-line pipeline. The design is very scientific, and there is no abnormal sound when the pipeline strikes the frame under bumpy road conditions. The detachable nylon inlet can be switched to the wire inlet compatible with electronic transmission, which is very convenient.

The upper tube is also of Kamm-Tail type, with a certain radian, and the shape has a certain aesthetic feeling. The biggest advantage is that you don’t slap your butt so much when you sit in the tube.

Frame painting is relatively rich, with a certain “deception” attribute. With naked eyes, low-key and elegant titanium pearlescent paint with warm-blooded orange and grey makes people feel sullen, but it is unexpected that the photos can better reflect the texture of titanium pearlescent paint.

You must want to ask what is the logo of a Canadian bicycle brand. In fact, this is the logo of Rachel’s frame forming technology. The use of this technology can make all parts of the vehicle precisely connected with very low errors, avoid structural weaknesses caused by inadequate material docking, so as to ensure the overall stability of the frame structure. The frame is also equipped with EPS internal model technology, which makes the inside and outside of the frame pipe wall smooth and smooth, and improves the performance of the frame.

The integral seat pipe clamp design is used in the three-way part of the frame, which not only improves the overall sense of the frame, but also lengthens the exposed part of the seat pipe, increases the deformation and improves the comfort. As a more expansive frame, the rear upper fork is naturally equipped with rack holes and fender holes.

Adequate tire clearance gives Uragano three riding modes

Mode 1: Off-road mode (700*45C)

Pardus Uragano allows the use of 45C ultra-wide teeth tyres in 700C wheel-diameter mode to easily control gravel and stone pavement, and riders can enjoy the geometry and lightweight body of a road vehicle on poor roads. The 12mm barrel shaft design enhances rigidity and safety, and the compatibility of 140 mm/160mm disc specifications provides good braking force, even if it is as bad as the Paris-Ruby goose-eggs road surface known as the Northern Hell.

Mode 2: Travel mode (27.5×2.1)

Backpackers are also called bicyclists. Bike Packing or Bike Touring focuses on short trips while Bike Touring focuses on long trips. There is no doubt that cyclists are the most popular mode of travel in North America. Pardus Uragano allows the installation of a maximum 2.1-inch outer tyre in a 27.5-inch wheel-diameter model, supports the installation of front and rear fenders and front and rear travel racks, and supports the installation of a maximum of three kettle racks and 5-6 bags to satisfy all your fantasies about camping and travel.

Mode 3: Highway mode (700*32C)

Pardus Uragano uses 700*32C tyres in highway mode, which are designed for cyclists commuting or participating in endurance races. 32C tyres not only filter the vibration of almost all urban roads, but also have lower rolling resistance, lighter weight and faster start-up response. The design of front and rear fenders and front and rear shelves also provides good expansibility to meet the needs of commuting and endurance races in various climates.

The Uragano was fitted into the most fun off-road mode.

The robust all-carbon five-way provides sufficient trampling rigidity, and considering that all-terrain highway vehicles may face harsh environments, choose to use simple, reliable and easy-to-maintain BSA standard threaded axle, praise it.

The rear claw hook is made of carbon fiber and matched with all terrain road vehicle standard.

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