What brand of mountain bike flower drum is the best? I don’t know these details. They are hardly cyclists.

No matter how good the machine is, there are times when it breaks down. For cyclists who love cycling, vehicle maintenance and maintenance are basically normal. As one of the many bicycle accessories, the importance of flower drum can not be ignored. Flower drums are usually manufactured by specialized manufacturers. The quality has little to do with mountain bike brands, but it is certain that the more expensive the car, the better the parts it uses. Generally there are two kinds of flower drum, one is the traditional ball type, the other is Peilin (bearing).

Flower drum is the front and rear axles of bicycle. High-quality flower drum has high strength and smoothness. It can withstand mountain bicycle cross-country riding with very high strength, and has very small rotational resistance, which reduces the resistance when riding. At the same time, it has excellent waterproof function.

At present, the flower drum of mountain bicycle is basically divided into two kinds of structure: bead-blocking type and planting type. Shimano is a dominant monopoly in the bead block structure. Chris King, DT Swiss, Hope and White Industries are the best brands in my heart. In pursuit of cost-effectiveness, Shimano’s non-top series and Novatec, Chosen and other brands are good choices.

Pearl blocking drum:

Ball blocking flower drum is the bearing structure for one by one loose beads, which is supported and fixed by the shaft blocking structure of flower drum. The advantage of bead blocking drum is that it has good support for the force in all directions during riding, and it can still have good rolling efficiency when the car body is inclined like turning.


Shimano, from Japan, is the world’s largest maker of sport bicycle parts, and of course it is not ambiguous about flower drums. While many European and American brands have adopted the integrated bearing structure, they still maintain their tradition of using Beaded Flower drums and bring them into full play.

In addition, the unique labyrinth waterproof structure of Shimano flower drum can also play an excellent protective role for flower drum.

I have been using XTR flower drum on my mountain bike for a long time. Its smoothness, strength and waterproof performance are excellent, and other high-level products have a very high cost performance.

Peilin flower drum:

Peilin flower drum is the mainstream form of flower drum at present because of its easy maintenance and strong endurance of longitudinal force, even if it uses one-piece sealed bearing as supporting rotating parts.

Chris King:

Chris King from the United States is the “king” of the flower drums of mountain bikes in many people’s minds. He has a unique ratchet structure and emits a unique buzzing sound when idling. The process and quality are excellent, and the price is very expensive. A pair of flower drums cost thousands of yuan, and need special tools for maintenance.

Chris King flower drum unique ratchet structure:

DT Swiss:

Switzerland’s DT flower drum looks simple, but the actual performance is very strong, with an exclusive research and development of star ratchet structure.

The structure has excellent occlusal force, can reliably avoid the occurrence of hollowing, and has a long service life. DT flower drum is a very popular brand at present.


British brand Hope’s flower drum is famous for its high quality, high strength and excellent appearance. Of course, the price is not cheap.

White Industries:

Durable and fabricated, is the biggest feature of the American brand White Industries flower drum. In addition, the relatively retro appearance of White Industries can be recognized at a glance. Among other industrial flower drums, White Industries is like a work of art, and of course it is expensive.

Apart from Shimano, most of the flower drum brands I mentioned are more expensive. In fact, there are also many high cost-effective flower drums to choose from, such as Novatec, Chosen and so on in Taiwan, are popular flower drum brands used by junior and intermediate fans.

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