From beginners to masters, 6 modifications allow you to play mountain bike speed drop

From beginners to masters, 6 modifications allow you to play mountain bike speed drop (equipment section)



XC, known as mild mountain cross-country bicycle, full name CROSS COUNTRY, belongs to the long ride mileage, physical consumption, climbing and landing half, comprehensive technology is exquisite, combined with mixed road surface and mountain forest road conditions, bicycle frame generally uses mountain hard frame, frame materials are generally mainly aluminum alloy, steel frame, carbon fiber and titanium alloy materials will also appear in the design field. With the front fork of the shock absorber, the size of the wheelset can be optionally selected as 26, 27.5 and 29. Mountain bike XC is a very technical sport, but also an all-around vehicle model, which can be applied to highways and mixed roads, so it is very popular with the current public.




As an all-around car, XC is called entry car by many old drivers. Many DH masters begin with XC. After long-term training, some masters challenge the road condition of AM or DH by driving a quasi-XC model with exquisite automotive skills. For this kind of road condition with large drop barrier, the XC model is generally unable to adapt, the shock absorber plus the lack of travel, as well as the various “unreasonable” matching of the whole vehicle, it is easy to cause undesirable operating errors, and unnecessary damage to the vehicle, a careless one, more likely to lead to car destruction. Therefore, some reasonable modifications can make you play safer and happier in AM and DH track.




Because of the speed and danger of DH, the physical protection measures of athletes should not be neglected. So before you start DH, you must buy safety equipment!!!





Security first




The first thing to be strengthened is the stability of the car. Since we want to make the car run smoothly on rugged roads, a standard AM-level Bush tire is indispensable. The superior performance of safety and grip is very important. Various deep tire textures on the tire can meet the needs of emergency braking, gravel jumping, etc., although it is said that. Riding resistance increases with the increase of tire width, but for off-road bias, we only consider safety, stability and grip.




Wide tires for cross-country use




Whether it is jungle off-road or speed drop, controlling speed is the guarantee of safety, so the brake system must be modified. The brake system with four piston technology can be considered when conditions permit. With large size ice point discs and high quality mineral brake oil, the brake performance can reach its peak. No matter what road conditions, the speed can be well controlled to cross. Of course, if the funds are insufficient, you can also choose a sub-top brake system such as XT, but the price is not expensive. It is also fully able to meet the needs of AM or DH.





Safe and reliable braking system




The biggest difference between mountain bikes and highway vehicles is whether they are equipped with shock absorber system. Generally speaking, we can distinguish a good shock absorber fork from whether the vehicle is equipped with shock absorber fork. It’s very important to challenge all kinds of cross-country. We can see from all kinds of master cross-country speed descent vehicles that the importance of the front fork is extraordinary. In the performance of continuous downhill road, we can know the importance of fork. If we want to challenge the road condition above AM level, we suggest to configure a 16cm air pressure fork. Otherwise, a jumping platform or a more bumpy road condition, the air pressure fork with insufficient travel can hardly be completed. Under the condition of insufficient travel, it is very likely that unnecessary intentions will occur. Outside.





The importance of the front fork is crucial




Whether in terms of comfort and competitiveness, the swallow handle is undoubtedly more popular with mountain bike riders, and they will generally choose swallow handle size above 70CM to increase the stability of the car. In terms of control skills, wheelers who want to jump over the platform often use swallow handles to lift the car. The angle of swallow handles is obviously easier to exert force than straight handles. And through some sharp bends, the swallow handle will also be easier to adjust the body’s center of gravity, making the bending easier and simpler. Most importantly, the aggressive appearance makes mountain bikes look more professional.





A handsome swallow handle




In order to meet the needs of FITTING and make bicycles more matched with their own bodies, the length of the stand is basically to optimize the data that are not suitable for their own frame size. But for offshore XC demand, we must replace the stand as short as possible. Long handlebars are conducive to more stable steering, and are more suitable for road vehicles or mountain carriages, which mainly press the road. For the mountain bike AM and DH which focus on maneuverability, the shorter the handstand, the more flexible the steering of the front. The handlebars of DH speed-descending cars we see now are basically ultra-short designs.

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