How to Choose and Purchase a Mountain Bike

We talked about the classification and speed system of mountain bikes before. I believe Xiaobai users already have a preliminary understanding of mountain bikes. It’s time to take you into the pit. Let Xiaobian tell you how to choose a suitable mountain bike. This article is only for entry-level users, not high-end products.

Frame material

At present, the mainstream frame material is aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, but also steel frame and titanium alloy frame, as for bamboo and other people do not take it seriously.

Aluminum alloy is the most commonly used material in the market at present. It has the advantages of light weight, short time hardness and rigidity performance, easy plastic processing and no rust. The disadvantages are almost no elasticity, accumulated metal fatigue and poor riding comfort. Large brands of medium and low-end mountain bikes mostly use aluminium alloy frame, but also Xiaobai the most easily accessible frame.

Carbon fiber frame is commonly known as carbon frame. It has high strength, light weight, various processing methods, first-class concave modeling ability and excellent riding quality. Although the overall strength of carbon frame is high, but the surface hardness is insufficient, slightly delicate, and the price is also high, mostly in high-end mountain bikes.

Steel frame is now more common in the DIY market, at present, the brand of steel frame vehicle is not many. Among the steels, molybdenum-iron steel is the most common, easy to process, excellent elasticity, moderate price, but the weight of low-end pipe is more impressive. Mainstream market has been difficult to find a steel frame figure, but still many people love the unique riding texture of the steel frame.

Titanium alloy frame is lighter on the basis of steel frame, and durability is first-class, but the price is not cheap, mostly seen in high-end DIY players.

Frame size

The size of the frame is a problem that many small white users tend to overlook. The sizes of different brands are different, and it is not easy to make it clear. The best way is to try riding, or buy according to the corresponding range of height and size given by each brand, usually not too different.

Other accessories

In the previous article, the editor said that the speed difference of the transmission system is not the most important, the choice of the appropriate level is the most important. Some brands will use a mix-up kit in the whole vehicle, referring to the same brand products in the front dial and back dial, while teeth, flywheels and chains and other products will choose third-party suppliers or products of their own brands, we must see clearly when buying. It is not recommended to buy accessories with unknown origin or without identification.

In addition, the brake also needs to focus on. At present, mountain bikes are basically equipped with disc brakes. However, different grades of disc brakes are used differently. It will be more secure to choose large brand accessories. Front fork is the same, try to choose large brand products. Some 1000 yuan front fork used in the whole car is actually not as good as a hard fork. Although the group and cushion are small accessories, they have the most contact with our bodies. Most of the products used in the entry vehicle are labeled on behalf of factories.

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