International Mountain Bike List, let you really understand what is the best mountain bike

MARMOT Groundhog Variable Speed Bicycle, commonly known as Marmot. MARMOT Groundhog was founded by the former president of CANNONDALE, a high-end bicycle brand in the United States. It is called Ferrari in bicycle industry.

Ernestocolnago Plum Blossom Bicycle, Colnago Plum Blossom has become a well-known symbol in the world, Plum Blossom Colnago is famous for its handmade steel frame.

TYRELL Tyler brand bicycles, based on the classic pure hand-made, superb design and excellent performance represents unparalleled, mainly sold to those who really know what is the best bicycle.

Pinarello Mountain Bike, an Italian brand, was created by professional driver Giovanni. Of course, his products are also very professional.

Ellsworth Mountain Bike, one of the three top self-owned bicycle brands in the United States, is famous for its speed drop and all-mountain bicycle frame, which is almost manufactured by hand.

Santa Cruz Mountain Bike is one of the three top self-owned bicycle brands in the United States. It has become an outstanding representative of mountain bikes.

Rock LOOK Mountain Bike, France, produces top-grade carbon fibre bicycles. Its unique design allows riders to climb hills easily and economically. Of course, the price is not too high.

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