How to use the front brake when riding to ensure your riding safety?

Whether you are a novice bicycle rider or an old cyclist with some riding experience. When riding, we must pay attention to the use of brakes. When riding a bicycle out, the use of brakes must be learned.

Maybe many car associations have such questions, not braking, what should be paid attention to. In fact, this is not the case. The use of brakes will not only affect our riding safety, but also affect the rider’s comfort to a certain extent.

As we all know, the brake of bicycle is divided into front brake and rear brake. Using brake in different positions has a great influence on the braking effect and produces different effects.

Many riders also have the habit of using front brakes. Because the front brake is much more convenient for the rear brake. Sometimes when there are no other factors affecting it, you gently pinch the front brake.

In fact, my advice is that when you ride, try not to develop the habit of using front brakes first. Because the inertia of the front brake is relatively large, of course, you may not think so.

However, have you ever thought about the problem that you can use the front brake safely without other factors? In case of unexpected circumstances, your riding speed is relatively fast, the use of front brakes will be very easy to cause the possibility of overturning.

Seriously, it can cause riding accidents.

Front brake has better braking effect than rear brake, and the control speed mainly depends on the friction between wheel and road surface. It is believed that most people know that force also acts on each other.

The magnitude of friction is proportional to the magnitude of road pressure exerted by wheels. Therefore, when using the front brake, the pressure of the front wheel is increased because of inertia. Because of this factor, the braking power of the front wheels is also naturally enhanced.

But it should be noted that when you use the front brake first, the pressure of the rear wheel is greatly reduced. According to the action of force is mutual, so the rear wheel friction is relatively small.

When riding, you should cultivate the habit of first braking, then braking, so that the role of force will be more balanced. Only in this way can we ride safely.

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