How can mountain bikes become more like road bikes?

How can mountain bikes become more like road bikes?

When mountain bikes do not ride cross-country, they can change some parts appropriately to make it easier to ride on asphalt roads. This modification is what old drivers call “mountain horses”. But if we intentionally refit mountain bikes to the configuration of road vehicles, I personally think it is completely unnecessary.

1. It is suggested to replace the “bald tire”:

The term “bald tire” refers to a tire that has no obvious or even no tread. This term refers only to mountain tyres, because road tyres can almost all belong to “bald tyres”.

As we all know, one of the obvious characteristics of mountain bikes is the strong tyre with prominent tread pattern. Such tyres can make mountain bikes more passable, stable and gripping when they ride cross-country. But for road riding, the normal mountain tires (commonly known as teeth tires) are obviously uncomfortable – too prominent tires will make the rider feel weak, and when riding, there will be a sense of granularity transmission, comfort will be reduced, but also increase the resistance in riding.

The skinhead tire is more emphasis on road riding – the tire is relatively thin, less resistance, no cross-country tire feels weak, and feel more rigid when riding on the road, to some extent, increase the rigidity of the vehicle when trampling.

It is suggested that the size of bald tire should be changed from 1.5 to 1.8, too thin bald tire will reduce the wheel diameter too much and speed too much.

2. Replace the hard fork (optional):

First of all, if your mountain bike front fork can be locked, you can first feel the road riding experience after locking the shock absorber function. If you feel comfortable, you can continue to use it. Changing the front fork is more troublesome and expensive than changing tires.

If you also want to make mountain bikes feel more “highway”, you can change the special hard fork of mountain bikes. Most of these forks are made of aluminium alloy or carbon fiber. They are lighter in weight than shock absorber forks. They are also stronger and more direct in force when riding on highways.

3. Replacement of flywheels (further deciding on the choice of rolling the road with mountain bikes):

If you decide to use mountain bikes to press the road at high speed, you can also replace the flywheels of road vehicles, as long as the specifications of tower base (road flywheels have two kinds of daily rules and regulations, mountain bikes Huagu tower base generally use the same day rules flywheels) and the flywheels have the same speed.

Under the same speed, the number of teeth of the road flywheel increases slightly. When riding on the road, it can get a more delicate sense of speed change.

At most, it’s stopped here. Don’t change the other parts. If you want to change another bend bar, go straight to buy a highway car.

Finally, if you repeat the beginning, this modification only suggests that when mountain bikes are not off-road, for daily commuting riding modification, only bare tires can be changed, fork and flywheel are not necessarily replaced parts. In addition, how to change mountain bikes, it is very difficult to run over the highway vehicles on the highway, if you have to make the ultimate modification, it is futile, and not good-looking.

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